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Meet Dafna

Dafna Kaplan is an independent Israeli photographer and committed peace activist now living on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, with her young family. 

Her work spans a wide range of fields from documentary, non­documentary and portraiture.

Dafna has an impressive professional background. After graduating from the Photography College in Jerusalem she expanded her photographic studies with a degree at the prestigious Empire State College in New York and gained experience with well-known photographer Alex Webb for Magnum and National Geographic.


For the past two decades Dafna has been a regular contributor to leading Israeli publications including the national newspaper (Ha'aretz), the widest circulation weekly magazine for women (La'isha) and also as the composer of a weekly photo-essay column for Anashim magazine.

Dafna’s work is exhibited regularly in Israel and has also been shown in Moscow and New York. Amongst her awards she has received the Israeli Photographers Association Award for Journalistic Documentary Photography.  Her most recent project documents political graffiti in Palestine and Israel spanning a period of twenty years. Now Dafna is enthusiastic about the new opportunities and possibilities that this new chapter of her life in New Zealand will bring.

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